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Waiting In Line for the Money (AKA CoS) Season 2, Episode 1 (October 12 2008)

How much we want? How much you got? The four-headed hydra of radio funkness attacks your eardrums with a fury offset by the occasional plea of “can you spare 50 cents?” or similar. Prepare to part ways with your valuables when WZBC requests your dollars and good sense while this stuff happens:

  • Talking bout funds
  • John’s new song: recognizing your shame
  • Patent: stopping a stolen car
  • A voicemail regarding the Patchasaurus from last season
  • A story about hippos
  • A caller wants John to write him songs about animals, Alf, Punky Brewster
  • Nick puts his manliness on the phones
  • Studio inventions: Coakley’s (glasses), Snackle (pork bacon chocolate), singles websites for incurable STDs
  • Bobby’s chip of the week: Hollywood Writer (acquired off the street in Times Square)
  • Bobby’s other chip of the week: a Gilbert transformation
  • Ben the caller uses foliage to jumble Bobby’s circuits that are then unjumbled with a crowbar
  • A caller worked on a dude ranch with a bevy of buckles

It’s episode 1 of the new style.


Cafe of Shame: the smell of Season 2 is in the air

We’ve obviously pissed around enough.  With a season under our belts we gots new concepts, approaches, voices, musics, ideas, sandwiches and other cheesy delights we’ve been hording in anticipation for October 12, the date we’ll air the best new episode you never knew you wanted.  Ah, the smell of it!

Cafe of Shame: Season 1 in the Can

can (in the)Season 1 of the Cafe of Shame is over after 16 fine episodes. Now it’s time for summer break and beach parties and bonfires. Stay tuned for more hot CoS action and universe expansion this fall as Season 2 begins (seasons no longer have names such as “summer”, only numbers — it’s the new standard that all CoS listeners must adopt) (or not).

Waiting In Line for Cupcakes (AKA CoS) Episode 16: Indigestion (June 15 2008)

Three new studio guests: Ace, Bobby X and Ginger.  BOAT loads of phone calls, including one space alien. An awesome new theme song.  Talk of:

  • old brown shoes
  • self-aware robots
  • body water
  • people older than Melrose Place
  • Indiana
  • life outside of Quincy and even on other planets
  • detox foot baths
  • elephant butt hair
  • chatting with Barbara Bush, atoms, jelly beans and more
  • musics by Charles Mingus and Digital Underground and Yes and more peeps

Sixteen candles and/or shows in the can.

Soggy Nacho Surprise (AKA CoS) Episode 15: Future Days (June 8 2008)

The CoS team — John, Nick, Justin, Bobby — is back from running around/aground and are in full force (and full frontal).  It’s mostly conversation and music (Soulwax, Soul Jazz, soul food?, Excepter, etc.) for the full two hours, with an unabated NBA finals update and a call from Tommy about a fire at the Peach Pit thrown in just to mess your ears up.

Show numbah fifteen wean queen mezzanine Dramamine travertine skein praline Doreen marine latrine for your spleen.

Baked Potato Lake (AKA CoS) Episode 14: Get Da Travel On (May 25 2008)

Traveling on and on. Wind in the sails.

  • Listeners call in to the online voicemail.
  • Sean reports from Dubai.
  • A backpacker terrorizes the studio.
  • John calls in from the Vermonty woods after encountering a party of two wrestlers.
  • A Savy episode of the Traveler.
  • Music from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia.
  • A bunch of field recordings from Moldova, Romania, Peru, Italy, and Florida.

Fourteen trails and none lead home.

Bobby’s Coffee Stain (AKA CoS) Episode 13: Oh the Fire (May 18 2008)

A show about fire is assumed by many to be destined for CoS lore before it’s dastardly dumfounded by Bobby Robot, a suburban Chicago native whose sexy tin can looks and hot log smoking invade the studio and get Nick all in a tizzy. Bobby tries to prove his pre-programmed intelligence is worthy of a coffee date by dispensing advice to callers regarding the questions that (supposedly) matter: love, the whereabouts of God, etc. After much taunting, Nick reclaims CoS for the human race by dropping more fire ant knowledge than the tinned one. Something amazing happens and then come the pretzels. Music by Excepter, David Kristian, Autechre, and more.

Thirteen shows in and it don’t mattah none.