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Eat Some Salmonite (AKA CoS) Season 2, Episode 5: A Safari (November 9 2008)

weretigerPotentially the best CoS of the pack.  A safari (emphasis on the tiger) is commercialized and underwritten until WZBC management threatens to bring the show down:

  • Welcome Beth you safari guide you, take us on a hay rack ride through the jungle (Bobby will drive the tractor)
  • Commercial: Dan Bellow’s will send you printer paper with an interactive CD on what to do with it (recipes? term papers?)
  • Commercial: people who have nut allegies need to stay away from nuts (and people who like them)
  • Sean calls in with some fantastic tiger poems
  • Commercial: Baby Hypnosis
  • Beth wonders what tigers are thinking and wonders what we’ll see on the safari while Ilana calls in
  • Commercial: Clam Top Bitterinos (go bitter)
  • Bobby drives us deep into the jungle with baby elephants and baby tigers
  • Commercial: Feline Higher Ed
  • Commercial: Super Sacks (big ol’ bags)
  • An amazing tiger psychic reveals that being a tiger psychic means having a lay with tigers (spooning?)
  • Commercial: Eat Some Salmonite
  • Commecial: Birds are Jerks
  • Uh oh — the WZBC promotions director calls in and tells us we shouldn’t be advertising and underwriting.
  • Commercial: Ballet for Boys
  • Commercial: Jim’s Bucket
  • A caller gives us tiger facts: weretigers, tigers on cereal boxes, dolphins less awesome than tigers
  • Commercial: Maced and Tazed
  • A call from an ad exec who threatens to pull her ad for Clam Top Bitterinos
  • Commercial: Vince Vaughn is the cutest pumpkin ever (believe us)
  • Commercial: Eat Vanilla Dickle
  • Commercial: Eat Chocsplosion
  • Ad exec back on the line with Hot Hot Bad Boy Bobby and hangs up during the Clam Top Bitterinos ad
  • Commercial: Eat Carrots and Corn (the Wind of Change Bellows with the Best of Them)
  • Commercial: Think You Can Be Less of a Jerkface and Figure Out this To-Do List?
  • More from the WZBC Promotions Guy
  • A call from Mary Baker Eddy digresses into palindromes
  • Commercial: Nell Glass wants you to help the environment by eliminating your wasteful double-lettered name
  • Commercial: Liztus, a crazy cactus lizard juice
  • The safari picks back up with the parronkey (parrot monkey) and Bobby tells a story about a dog peeing on a tree before a surprise prehistoric visitor prematurely ends the safari
  • Commercial: “Helmet Helmet”, a child’s poem brought to you by the Helmet Association of America
  • Commercial: Puddles, Ducks, Plants, Bees
  • The dandyman calls in and instigates a singalong that leads to a capital crime
  • Beth is underwritten by the Sexual Awareness Council
  • Commercial: Nastlie, the sexiest baby formula out there
  • Commercial: the Meat Star, the most delicious-looking star in the sky
  • A call from Tommy Dickie jumps through a hoop of the hoop and Bobby has a falling out with most everyone before Ferris Bueller gets remade at the end of the show
  • And much more exploding stuff that explodes all over the airwaves

Tiger elephant monkey monkey hamster tiger show.

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