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Taffy Talk (AKA CoS) Season 2, Episode 3: More Travel (October 26 2008)

We’ve got taffy we’ve got taffy how bout you. We’ve got taffy we’ve got taffy who are you. John produces a show about this sticky stuff:

  • A discussion of sonic poo
  • A Finnish travel guide from a local (translated to English)
  • Disappointing trips expounded upon
  • Vampires on commuter trains in Europe
  • Correspondent Sean Cole interviews George Humphrey-Brown, the Secretary of Travel, answers every question you have about reports and travel uneducationalness
  • A caller eats sausage and talks about language and riding motorcycles in the woods in Luxembourg
  • A keg party for animals in Patagonia
  • Terry from Kentucky calls about corn farming and his cousin in Alabama and gay cousin in SF and the homosexual police officers that will rule the streets once you-know-who gets elected President
  • Asking a group of children where they’d like to visit (HINT: Hoboken and court)
  • John’s ten worst travel locations
  • Ben from Burlington is disgusted by on-air taffy talk and give clues about a trip he would like to go on (HINT: He would probably have a beard that grows faster than normal)
  • A story about towers and a lack of towers
  • A drunken pilot in the cockpit, again
  • A caller went to Belgium and eats Counts that aren’t Chocula for breakfast
  • Olly talks about becoming the archduke of a certain donut establishment in Watertown
  • Tommy calls and discusses steak intertubes with compartments and donuts you can float on and foot massages with Bag Balm

Listen to this one here.

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