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Droppin’ da Whale Billz (AKA CoS) Season 2, Episode 2 (October 19 2008)

The CoS crew comes back for the whale smack with new band member Olly now in the mix. The Cafe puts the ‘nuf’ in fundraiser spelled backwards by putting the nail in the wallets of all suspecting and unsuspecting listeners. It’s the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, the middle of the 3rd quarter and the ball on the 35 yard line with no timeouts, the seventh inning stretch … whatever to this:

  • Poetics by Brion Gysin and a Poem of the Day
  • A hambonical submission from a listener
  • He likes candy as much as I do
  • Just spray yourself in the face with water
  • She clearly thinks she’s calling in to a conservative talk show
  • Whale watches over and over and then under and over
  • Monkey-eating cats
  • John sticks his head in the water and sees a whale, and Justin doesn’t come up for air
  • A caller names his kid Gipper
  • A fourth or sixth caller of the night LOOOOVES Sarah Palin
  • Suzanne talks through a tube of conservatism
  • Bobby throws a fit you can’t hear because of he’s rocking his silent chip
  • A terrorist from Alabama who hates America and is friends with Obama and wants to kill everyone with his Obama Bomb Truck
  • John pitches a script and Olly talks about Hamdown
  • Guns ring out in the studio and John eats animals alive
  • John plays his amazingly original composition about a dog named Bob Meticulous
  • John’s poem about trees and deer, find me boar, have more pig for dinner

Money money money Seas2Ep2.

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