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Y’all Are Insane (AKA CoS) Episode 9: Small Thingers (Apr. 20 2008)

A fascinating discussion of the bestest smallest things on this hot and salty planet and other planets. Random phone calls from random people. Berating Suzanne when she’s out of the room. An otherworldly story and explanation of the Homunculus by Sean, a favorite caller/contributor. And much much much more crap.

  • “Funky Little Song” by
    Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson
  • Call from Joanne
  • Reprise of last week: a recipe from the CoS email (Hambonics: Lanky mommy of 64 peapod children. Who has my frame? What frame? I mean the frame of the shed I was going to build next week.)
  • “A Small Piece of My Head” by John
  • “Shortnin’ Bread” from Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir
  • An otherworldly story of the Homunculus by Sean, our favorite caller
  • Music is quashed but the day is saved soon after due to a flashback to last week’s recipe when zero points were awarded because Vincent Price did not need any more pate’
  • “Hokey Pokeysaurus” from the Music for Little People
  • A discussion about the Patchasaurus
  • Some song Nick tried to play earlier
  • Justin gives a little money to a bum for a story about a little roach
  • Choosing Our Own Adventures
  • Ashley calls in and drowns to death via the randomizer
  • A request for Bush I mean Bread
  • Another call and a dark poem from Sean and his star of David earring
  • Justin insults the part of the Nebraska territory that is not Nebraska but now some other crappy state
  • A story from our CoS emailbox, read by Justin
  • An interview with the Institute for Infinitely Small Things
  • A call and a story from Tommy about tight fat boy jeans and no fries for lunch
  • More Choosing Our Own Adventures
  • A song by Caulfield
  • Outro

Nine is reeeeal fine.

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