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Achin’ for Bacon (AKA CoS) Episode 8: Food Stuffs (Apr. 13 2008)

Lovin’ up some food on the radio. Your favorite meal munched right into our listener line. Recipes reverse engineered via hambonics. Anti-semetic phone calls instigated by Bread. Bags of pretzels just out of reach are snagged in pairs. And a bunch of other awesome crap(steak sandwiches).

  • requested hot track from M31
  • announcing the contest: recipes for the CoS easy-bake oven
  • the first recipe
  • a track from Strange Breaks and Mr. Thing
  • “one carrot too many” by John
  • “20 kinds of pickles” by John
  • more contest rules
  • “eating” by Nick
  • recipe called in by Suzanne
  • “like a monkey in a zoo” by Daniel Johnston
  • recipe called in by Ginger = “forks binding into the front of my ponds fronds” (16 points)
  • flashback to the previous week: how we screwed up the game of “french toast”, which causes Nick leave the show (and then come back)
  • answer to Suzanne’s recipe (0 points)
  • “eating all the food” by Justin
  • a song
  • a hot techno track from Cocoon Comp G
  • “broiled rumaki appetizer” read by Justin
  • “combinatorial classifications of cooking” by John’s dad
  • a short song
  • recipe by Nick
  • “snacking on butter” by John
  • recipe called in by Sean, who is snacking with old tabasco
  • “how to use an audio recorder” by Sean
  • John tells Nick he gave him a recipe for macaroni salad (negligible points)
  • song by Plastikman
  • Justin is ripped off by the snack machine when trying to buy pretzels
  • Sean calls back; Nick goes to buy Justin’s pretzels
  • John gives Sean his recipe: “Goose, OK, bundt cake slurry. Pine away for some. Get some armies for others. Who halves them? …”, but it’s actually a recipe for friends
  • CoS eats pretzels while Sean reads recipe poems
  • “an essay about mayonnaise” by John
  • Nick slathered on a story about a mayonnaise sandwich
  • closing, next week’s show

Eight (is grate).

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