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YOU’LL LOVE OUR FUDGE (AKA CoS) Episode 3: Bad Poetry (Mar. 9 2008)

poetryTrying to feature all the bad poetries in the history of the universe in two hours of radio? Impossible, indeed! We shall try using few tried and true methods. Featuring two guests who should be revered, John (who reads some originals, including one penned in the studio) and Sean (who learns us about flarf). And cow poetry.


  • “Funky Little Song” by Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson
  • “When They First Saw the Floating World” by Macha
  • The Wind Ate My Heart” read by Justin
  • Listener line: Barney Raps About Fruity Pebbles
  • Listener line: a Romanian song about an outlaw and love and other good crap
  • Listener line: “Wanted Man” by Ratt
  • “Goat Bag of My Soul” by Nick (published in an award-winning Poetry.com anthology)
  • My Penis Shall Not Suffer” read by Justin
  • “Breakfast and Sarah” read by Justin via Poetry.com (poem of the day)
  • A track by Signal (Raster-Noton)
  • “Untitled” – a poem about animals and food by John, accompanied by ‘edge of the lake’ music
  • “A Tank of Oil” – by John, accompanied by music that recalls elfin boys
  • I Sing of Olaf Glad and Big” by E.E. Cummings
  • “The Monkey Plays His Poo Flute” – by John, accompanied by bricklayer music
  • Two drunken poems – “Untitled” and “I Like Bud Cuz I Like It” by Justin
  • A learning about flarf by Sean (required listening, all of it, incl. “Chicks Dig War” and esp. “Annoying Diabetic Bitch” by Sharon Mesmer)
  • “War” by Bruce Haack
  • Cow poetry: “O Sacred Cow”, “Toes of Three”, “Sheep Are Weird”, “AI” – read by Justin
  • Posts from the Death Roses – read by Nick
  • “Happy Birthday Mister Owl” and “So This is My Elbow” by John, accompanied by spinal surgery music
  • “New Old Order” by Hypo
  • A response to “Chicks Dig War”, flarf wrapup, fizzling out

The third juan (show, mp3, yes)

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